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The Slippery Slope Of Tooth Loss

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth will start to drift into the open space and teeth above or below the gap can even supererupt and move out of alignment. The migration of teeth causes bite functionality problems and may even lead to teeth grinding, which can cause more damage. Tooth loss is a slippery slope and should be treated immediately before extensive and irreparable damage is done.

CEREC® Technology

Dr. Steichen provides patients with a same-day dental crown procedure using CEREC® technology. CEREC® technology has been used by dentists since 1987, and is ideal for replacing fillings and fabricating single-unit, high quality restorations in a minimally invasive procedure all in one visit! We can also create CEREC® endo-crowns to be placed following root canal treatment. Using our in-office milling machine, we make your tooth-colored, highly esthetic crown while you relax in the dental chair. There is no waiting for weeks to get your final crown and no messing with temporaries that could fall off before your final appointment. Get in, get out, and get on with your life.

Dental Bridges

Dr. Steichen also provides beautiful, high quality dental bridges to restore the esthetic of your smile. Dental bridges are used to “bridge the gap” between one or more missing teeth. They are natural-looking, tooth-colored restorations that are permanently bonded in place, filling up the unsightly empty spaces and restoring your bite functionality. Prevent drifting teeth and further damage with a dental bridge.


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