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SureSmile® Invisible Braces

SureSmile straightens your teeth with invisible plastic retainers. No metal, bands or brackets. Straightening your teeth is not just for esthetics. Teeth that are in proper alignment are easier to clean, function properly with the opposing jaw, while also preventing uneven wear patterns and jaw pain. SureSmile is a way to improve the look of your smile and your oral health all in one! This procedure is fast, affordable, and gives amazing results!

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clear aligners patient

Why invisible retainers?

Though you wear the retainers most of the day, they can be taken off to eat and to brush and floss. It is much easier to maintain your oral health with removable retainers. Plus, they are hard to notice! Which means you can straighten your smile without wearing any metal braces.

Can’t I just order aligners online?

This is a great question! Orthodontics should be managed in person by a dentist as it is a significant procedure. To put it literally, we are moving little bones through bone and soft tissue. Though a common procedure, it is significant and should not be that viewed with complacency. It is important to ensure we are moving teeth within a healthy foundation and have the opportunity to monitor your progression. Plus, it is important to see us routinely for your hygiene maintenance cleanings, oral cancer screenings and to make sure cavities are not developing.

Is it really expensive?

We make orthodontics affordable! Not only can we utilize insurance benefits, but our fee is very competitive. Our SureSmile specialist can provide you with an aligner timeline, cost of treatment and get you on your way to a healthier more beautiful smile!

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